Custom Wedding albums

It's time to select the final details for your custom wedding album order! Please review the customizable options and make your selections. Let me know if you have any questions! 

Order form

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Extra spreads are $30/spread and can be added on at any time during the design process.
Please choose a cover material from the dropdown menu. (note: prices pertain to 10x10 albums and vary for larger and smaller albums)
Would you like a title debossed on your album?
Blind debossing is our default debossing style for all cover materials. When covers are blind debossed, it means that no color or foil is added to the stamp. However, some of our Luxe Leathers show a slightly darker tone in areas that are debossed (primarily seen on Latte, Chai & Camel – sometimes noticeable on Vino, Alpine & Fog). Foil debossing is available exclusively for our new Luxe Linen covers. Color options include gold, silver, and rose gold.
If debossing, please choose a font. See debossing examples in photos above.
Where would you like your title placed on your album?
Note: Fabric boxes are available in Fabric (+$0) and Luxe Fabric (+$40) colors. Debossing is $30 extra for all boxes.
These mini albums (6x6) make great gifts to the parents and are made affordable by using excess material from your full size album!
Please submit comments and questions here, including image numbers if you selected a Photo Cover or Cameo Cut Out for your album.