Custom Wedding Albums

The experience of print...


There is so much to be said for the experience of photos in their original, authentic form...  print. Give your photos life beyond the hard drive and bring them back to the tangible form they deserve! Let's work together to pick out your favorite moments from your wedding day to create a custom wedding album and physically seal these memories in time.  

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These albums are printed and hand crafted in Louisville, KY with a custom layout of your wedding photos designed by me, right here in Charlevoix, MI. The design process begins with a conversation and then a first draft. The first draft will be uploaded to a proofing site where you can make comments and adjustments on the layout and image selection. When our layout is complete, then it's time to choose your materials and custom features. Once all of the customizations are made the order is placed and you will have your album in your hands within 3 weeks!


custom album Pricing

8x8 Album - includes 10 Spreads (20 pages) // $800

10x10 Album - includes 10 Spreads (20 pages) // $1,000

12x12 Album - includes 10 Spreads (20 pages) // $1,200

Deluxe 12x12 Album - includes 20 Spreads (40 pages) // $1,500


Customizable Features: (see examples HERE on the order form)

Cover Material - options range from free to $100 upgrade

Extra Spreads - $30/spread (includes design)

Debossing - starts at $35

Cameo Cutout - $50

Wood or Fabric Presentation Box - from $150 to $300

Mini Album Add-on ( a 6x6 exact replica of original album) - $350


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