Emily + Brent // Elk Rapids, MI Engagement Photography

Emily and Brent’s engagement session was truly the first of its kind. It started as an engagement session and turned into an epic morel mushroom hunt! On the way to the cherry orchard I asked them if they had found any morel mushrooms on their visit home from Chicago and Emily replied “no, but we love morels!”. We proceeded to take photographs in the beautiful blossoming cherry orchard when Emily suddenly spotted a huge white morel hidden in the tall grass. One of the common phrases in morel hunting is “where there’s one, there are more”, so we paused the session and searched the surrounding area. Within the next half hour, we found more morels than any of us had everfound! The pile was so big that Brent had to take his shirt off and use it to carry them back to the car. Needless to say, Brent and Emily drove back to Chicago with smiles on their faces that night!