A yearly tribute to those who make it all worth it…

Winter is a time to reflect. As I sit in my office protected from yet another winter weather advisory, nothing could be more heartwarming than reliving all of these amazing moments from 2018. So many new people entered our lives, but one of them in particular changed everything. On January 20, 2018, Debbie and I welcomed our baby boy Jake into the world and suddenly everything has new meaning. Every time I pick up the camera, whether it’s at a wedding, family portrait, or in the backyard on a summer day, I have been given new perspective on what these photographs mean. These photos aren’t just for you. They are for your children. And their children. In 16 years your son will show his first girlfriend what a cute baby he was with this family portrait. In 60 years your granddaughter will show her children how beautiful you were on your wedding day. Our memory will live on through these photos long after we are gone. One day, they will act as a window into the past and will warm your heart yet again.

Follow me through this collection of memories from 2018. Weddings, friends, families, baby Jake, and lots of warm summer sun. Thank you to all of you who welcomed us into your lives last year!!

Kathryn & Ken's Detroit Wedding Day // Garden Theater

Kenny and I have been friends since we were 3 feet tall. 20 years ago you would have been able to find us at Dearborn Homecoming festival with the rest of the neighborhood crew yelling random names into the crowd to see who would turn their heads. "Steve! Barb!"  Years later my parents moved the family up north and visits with the Barbours were few and far between, but distance and time has no affect on friendships like this. 

Kenny. Brother. Seeing you find your dream girl and making her a Barbour brings me nothing but pride and joy. Cheers to you and get your butts up north this summer for some cold ones on the lake! 

Traveling down to Detroit for weddings is always a pleasure.  A change of scenery for my camera and my soul is always welcome. Trading tall trees for tall buildings and inland lakes for the Detroit river. Kenny and Kathryn couldn't have had a more fitting for their epic party then the Garden Theater in Detroit. This place is pretty special and so are they. 

Venue: the Garden Theater // Hair- Linda Sabbagh & Ruba Ayoub // Make-up: Shuston Vincent // Flowers and Planning: Katherine M. Herb // Dress: Olvi's The Lace Collection // Shoes: Kelly & Katie // Groom Attire: The Black Tux // DJ: JD Entertainment // Cake: Iversen's Bakery (Dearborn, MI)